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Written by David Boyd   
Tuesday, 30 December 2008 16:22

A 6 Pounder Armed CromwellA 2 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

This site is dedicated to the equipment used by the British during the Second World War, I've always had an interest in WWII and in particular the performance and production of equipment. About 5 years ago I found it very difficult to find detailed technical and production data on British Equipment, some books/websites had great info on a particular piece but little on anything else, others had a small amount of data on many different and it was always difficult to tell just how accurate the information contained was. I decided to start doing my own research into this field using the National Archives in the UK, initially I just selected a document and ordered a copy of it but some of these documents were huge and didn't always contain all the information I needed so I took several trips there myself armed with a digital camera to copy as much as humanly possible, a few years later and I have well over 20,000 pages of documentation in my collection. The folks at the National Archives are excellent as is the service they provide, if you have any interest I would definitely recommend a visit.

The topic of British equipment is very large with a huge amount of data available, it will most likely take some time to compile information on each piece and with new sources of information being constantly found it is unlikely that it will ever be fully completed. First off I am going to deal primarily with Tanks, Artillery, Aircraft weapons and Infantry weapons and hopefully in the new future Aircraft performance/data as well. Technical data on this equipment has already been collect as has detailed production information, a full list of lend lease and Commonwealth equipment, production and deliveries will also hopefully be completed at some point as well.

So what sort of data will be posted there? Basically anything I can find I will put on this website, for example with tanks, performance, armour data, weapon data and production information will be compiled and posted here. Hopefully most of it will not have been seen in books/other websites before so hopefully it will be interesting for people to read, as more data is found on each piece I shall add to and update each article.

What about other countries? I have quite a bit of information on German and American equipment so eventually I'll do sections on them as well, hopefully as detailed as the British articles are to be but obviously the primary focus is the British equipment at the moment. Detailed data on Commonwealth production has been gathered but not compiled (this will take some time, couple of thousand pages at least!) also managed to dig up detailed data on American production also.

I shall endeavour to make the articles as accurate as possible but due to the volume of data available and as with all published material there is bound to be errors, if you notice any please contact me and I will happy change them! If you wish to use any of the data contained in this website, please email me and I'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

If you have any documents or data that would be useful for this project please get in touch with me, I'm sure we can arrange a trade!

If you like my work, I am also currently building a global data site called ChartingTheGlobe

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