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Written by David Boyd   
Thursday, 01 January 2009 21:26

British Tank "A" Code list

Here is a list of each tank that was assigned an "A" code and a brief description of the tank.

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Code Date


A.1. 1926

"Independent" Vickers, 29 tons

A.2.E.1. 1924 Medium Tank Vickers Mk I
A.3.E.2 1925 3 Man Tank
A.4. 1929 Vickers "Carden-Loyd" light tank
A.5. 1928 Vickers "Carden-Loyd" 3 man light tank, 5 tons
A.6.E1-E3 1928 Experimental 16 ton tanks, pilots of Medium Mk.III, designed by Vickers Armstrongs
A.7.E1-E3 1929-37 Experimental Medium Tanks, 14-18 tons, 14mm Armour, built by R.O.F. Woolwich
A.8. 1934-7 Experimental Medium Tank, Vickers, 17.5 tons - never completed
A.9. 1935 Cruiser Tank Mk.I 
A.10. 1935-38 Cruiser Tank Mk.II
A.11 1936-38 Infantry Tank Mk.I (Matilda)
A.12 1939 Infantry Tank Mk.II (Matilda II)
A.13.Mk I 1937 Cruiser Tank Mk.III
A.13.Mk II 1937 Cruiser Tank Mk.IV
A.13.Mk.III 1937 Cruiser Tank Mk.V (Covenanter)
A.14. 1938 Heavy Cruiser, 30mm armour, 23 tons
A.15. 1938-1940 Cruiser Tank Mk.VI.(Crusader)
A.16. 1938 Development of A.13 as Heavy Cruiser, armour 25mm, 18-21 tons.
A.17 1939 Light Tank Mk.VII (Tetrarch)
A.18. 1939 Cruiser based on A.17, abandoned, turret used for later cruisers
A.19. 1939 Cruiser tank with auxiliary turrets on top of main turret
A.20 1940 "Shelled area Infantry tank", designed by Mech Board and Harland & Wolf, 80mm armour, 35 tons
A.21 1940? Development of A.20, schematic drawings only
A.22. 1940/41 Infantry Tank Mk.IV. (Churchill)
A.23. ? Lighter version of A.22, sketch stage only
A.24. 1941 Cruiser Tank Mk.VII (Cavalier)
A.25. 1941 Light Tank Mk. VIII (Harry Hopkins)
A.26. ? Lighter and faster version of A.22.
A.27. 1941/42 Cruiser Tank Mk.VIII (Cromwell)
A.28 1941 Cromwell with increased armour and skirting plates, 28 tons. Designed by Rolls Royce, abandoned at paper stage.
A.29 ? Large Cruiser to carry 17pdr, 45 tons, twin track with Cromwell engine compartment. Abandoned at paper stage in favour of A.30. Designed by Rolls Royce.
A.30 1941-43 Challenger
A.31 ? Cromwell with heavier armour, 32 tons, abandoned at paper stage, Rolls Royce design.
A.32 ? Cromwell with A.22 armour standard, new suspension, 34.5 tons, abandoned at paper stage, Rolls Royce design
A.33. 1942-3 Assault tank, 40 tons, 6pdr gun and heavy armour. Built by English Electric Co, Meteor engine. "Excelsior"
A.34. 1942-44 Comet
A.35. ? Heavy version of Cromwell, increased armour and stronger suspension, 36 tons. Design by L.M.S. Rly and Rolls Royce
A.36. ? Heavy version of A.30 with increased armour and stronger suspension. 41.5 tons, never passed paper stage.
A.37. ? Heavier version of A.33 with extra suspension bogie per side, longer hull, 17pdr gun. 52 tons, never past paper stage, design by English Electric and Rolls Royce
A.38. 1944 Valiant I/II, 27 tons, 6pdr/75mm gun, designs by Vickers, Rolls Royce
A.39. 1942-46 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank, 32pdr, 75 tons.
A.40. ? Heavier version of A.30, 4" frontal armour, 17pdr, 35.5 tons
A.41. 1943- Centurion Tank
A.43. ? "Black Prince" super Churchill, 152mm frontal armour, 17pdr gun, 50 tons
A.44 ? A.34. with 57.2" turret ring, 17pdr gun

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