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Written by David Boyd   
Sunday, 04 January 2009 14:53

The Pak 41 Anti-Tank Gun

Designed by Krupp the 7.5cm Pak 41 operated on the same Gerlich principle as the 2.8cm Pzb. With this weapon the projectile was squeezed from 75mm to 55mm, this enabled the projectile to be fired at a high velocity of over 1,100m/s. The very high muzzle velocity (well over 1,000fps higher than the Pak40) gave the weapon immense power, capable of penetrating very thick armour.

The tungsten cored projectiles fired by the Pak 41 were an enlarged version of those used on the 2.8cm Pzb. Unlike other weapons the gun shield was used as the structure rather than just being an addition, this reduced the weight.

The Pak 41 entered production in 1942 but due to the ban on tungsten in ammunition only 150 were ever completed. Once supplies of ammunition were depleted some had Pak40 barrels fitted.

Pak 41 Anti-Tank Gun Statistics

 Length of Gun

 432.1 cm


 7.5cm reducing to 5.5cm


 -12°, +16°



 Rate of fire  12-14
 Rifling   grooves

 Weight in Action


Performance of the Pak 41 Anti-Tank Gun


Weight of shot/shell

Complete Weight

Bursting Charge

Propellant Charge

Muzzle Velocity



100m 1000m

Pzgr 41 HK








193 136
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