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Written by Chris Ottinger   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 11:07
Thank you for taking your time to arrange this data. I am writing to you for advice. I am trying to find a webiste that has "effective" ranges for various weapons used in WWII. I am trying to gather data for devising a WWII gaming system using toy soldiers. I am developing this system to sell online for a few dollars, with all money to go to a non-profit medical trust fund for a loved on that has a fatal disease that needs treatment Medicaid will not pay for. Long story short: If her vital signs are at a certain level, only maintenance treatment is given, without curing treatment. Not to darken your day or anything, but I'm actually on medical disability right now awaiting a transplant, so I have enough to stay alive, but no way of raising $90,000. I was looking at my BMC 1/32 toy soldiers a few days ago, and had an idea. I would use my best friends, mostly history buffs and nerds like me, to devise a gaming system offered on the internet for very little money, and the money to be put into a medical trust fund for her. I told you this only to let you know how important this is to me. I sincerely appreciate your time reading this letter. I have always been a student of WWII, from wanting to be a fighter pilot when I was young, to studying the wars on land and sea. But, I'm having trouble finding "effective range" data for WWII weapons. Cyclic firing rates are easy to find, as is fps, but very little is available on "effective range" of weapons. As an example, I know a little bit about the M1 Garand, just because I'm familiar with the 30-06 caliber. The 30-06 is actually used as a deer hunting round here. But, what I am trying to find out is, how far can that projectile, grenade, bazooka round, flame thrower, etc., can be fired somewhat accurately when fired under battle conditions as opposed to firing ranges on a sunny day, a bench rest, and blue birds singing. After searching the internet, I have found exactly what you ran into. A lot of different sites have a lot of different information regarding the weapons, but no one seems to mix effective range, cyclic rate, and most things you'd want to know when trying to determine firing ranges in scale, etc. I have so far made movement calculations based on actual physical tests, and then translated the 1/32 scale to be used on an 80" by 40" map that represents 12 acres, as opposed to the 1/32 scale of .66 acres that the 80" x 40" surface would represent. The project is to come up with a basic set of rules that a man and his son (or daughter) could purchase for a few dollars, get an 80" x 40" rug even blue insulation board as a playing suface, a $9.00 set of 1/32 WWII soldiers, a measuring tape, and two six-sided die. Something simple but realistic, historically stimulating (we can always hold on to the concept that maybe one day the human race will stop repeating history over and over), and provide hours of entertainment for the price of a going to a movie. Then of course, taking whatever monies were received, and putting them in the medical trust for her. Any knowledge of web sites that might have the kind of information described above would be incredibly helpful. At this time I am starting out with US troops vs. Japanese troops. I would also like date to be able to do British vs. German troops, and Russians vs. Germans. Thank you again for your time, it is truly appreciated. It is only through people like you that history is kept alive. It is amazing that more information about something that basically re-aligned the way we see the world is not more readily available. Thank you again David. Chris Ottinger This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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