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Written by David Boyd   
Wednesday, 31 December 2008 15:14

The Daimler Armoured Car

 The Daimler Armoured Car was, as the name suggests was designed by Daimler in 1939. Problems delayed production until July 1941 when the first Daimler Armoured Car was produced, the vehicles first saw action in North Africa as was used in most theatres during the war. There Mk II version of the Daimler Armoured Car was essentially the same as the Mk I but had a series of small changes, some of which are listed belong. To improve performance against other armoured vehicles a littlejohn adaptor was fitted towards the end of the war.

  • Some changes in the Mk II version
  • Drivers' escape hatch incorporated in driving compartment roof
  • W.P. Grenade container fitted in the turret
  • Smoke generator container on left-hand side of driver modified to increase accessibility
  • Splash protection improve in turret roof
  • Gun mounting Harry Hopkins type

Name Daimler
Type Armoured Car
Production Date  July 1941
Crew 3
(In turret) 2
Length 13'-2.5”
Width 8'-10”
Height 7'-4”
Weight 7.5
Ground pressure -
Ground clearance 1'-4”
Engine Daimler
B.H.P/Ton 14.6
Max road speed 50
Average road speed -
Gear box type Daimler, Preselective
Gears 5 Forward 5 Reverse
Fuel consumption (road) – MPG 5.48
Fuel consumption (cross country) -
Petrol 36
Auxiliary capacity 18
Radius of action (road) 307
Radius of action (cross country) -
Trench Crossing -
Vertical obstacle 3'-6”
Fording height 4'
Gradient 30
Main Armament 2 Pounder
Ammunition 52
Secondary Armament Besa 7.92
Ammunition 2700
Transverse type Hand
Max elevation 25
Max depression 12
Turret Ring Size 50”
Optics No.30
Hull Front 14(I.T.100)
Hull Sides 10(I.T.100)
Hull Rear  14(I.T.100)
Hull Roof  8(I.T.100)
Hull Floor 7(I.T.100)
Turret Front 16(I.T.80)
Turret Roof 8(I.T.100)
Turret Sides 16(I.T.80)
Turret Rear


Production of Daimler Armoured Cars by year (UK Only)

  1941 1942 1943 1944 1945(End of May)
DAC 137 702 588 635 215

 Sources - AVIA 46 188, AVIA 22 456-514, WO 194, Damiler Handbook

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