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Thursday, 01 January 2009 14:25

The 60 Pounder Gun

60 Pounder Gun

The 60 Pounder can be dated back before the First World War were it had been developed as an improvement of the naval 4.7" guns used on field carriages in South Africa. By the beginning of the Second World War some of the guns were still in service but were obviously obsolete and were to be replaced with the 4.5" and 5.5" medium guns. Production of these new weapons were slow and so the 60 Pounder remained in service, some were used in North Africa and were still being used as training equipment until the end of 1944.

60 Pounder Gun characteristics

Weight of gun and breech 4,900lb
Total Length 192.25"
Length of bore 185"
Rifling 32 groves 1/30
Max Elevation -4.5 - 35 degrees
Traverse 4 degrees left/right
Weight in action 12,048lb
Ammunition data


Type HE
Weight 60lb
Muzzle velocity 2,125fps
Maximum range 16,400 yards


Production and conversion of 60pdr equipment (UK only) *No ammunition data listed past June 1940


  Pre-war Sep-Dec 1939 1940
60pdr to Pneu Carriages 63 - 29
60pdr Trailers - 46 12
60pdr HE 21,570 5,480 8,094
60pdr Shrapnel 25,029 4,680 50,360

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