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Written by David Boyd   
Thursday, 01 January 2009 15:20

The "Blacker Bombard"

Blacker Bombard

The Bombard was spigot gun - the projectile fitted on to a steel rod (or spigot) instead of into a barrel and was designed to be primarily an anti-tank weapon but could also be used in an anti-infantry role. It was intended to be a cheap anti-tank weapon and but also advantages over a standard anti-tank gun, it was much easier to conceal, required less manpower to operate and was much lighter.

The Bombard weighed around 407lb but could be broken up into around 13 pieces which allowed it to be transported much more easily than a standard anti-tank gun. Production began in August 1941 and continued until around May 1942 and was replaced by the PIAT a few months later. The majority of the weapons were sent to the home guard but it appears some weapons were used to some success in North Africa.

I have yet to see any penetration figures for the anti-tank bomb but considering its weight I find it unlikely that it would have trouble dealing with any German tank when it was introduced.

Blacker Bombard ammunition data

Ammunition Anti-Tank High Explosive
Total Weight 19.5lb 14lb
HE Weight 8.75lb -
Propellant Charge 0.04lb 0.044lb
Length 26" -
Diameter 6" -
Rate of fire (Max) 12 15
Rate of fire (Normal) 6 8
Max range 450 yards 785 yards
Muzzle velocity 245fps -

Blacker Bombard production by year (UK only, Filled only)

  1941 1942
Bombard 13,604 15,349
Mobile Mounting 13,448 12,969
Static Mounting - 7,946
AT ammunition 366,300 1,056,000
HE ammunition - 729,000

Sources -  Bombard Handbook, AVIA 22 502 - 514


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